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Lantern offers a wealth of dedicated mental health professionals with experience and training in various therapeutic traditions. Because of the abundant assortment of therapists at Lantern disposal, patients receive a more holistic approach to treatment than they might with other clinics. It is not uncommon for those suffering from mental illness to have a complex set of mental, biochemical, physical and perspective-based issues which compound one another. Our clinic offers interactive healing and can create a treatment program that is tailored specifically for each client. The following is a brief overview of many mental wellness therapies offered by Lantern.

Gestalt Therapy

Like traditional “talk” therapy, gestalt techniques use discussion as a method of achieving psychological insights and emotional well-being. What makes Gestalt Therapy unique is that it incorporates mindful practice and creative action into the healing process as well. Gestalt Therapy techniques may include role-play, controlled movement, and creative visualization. Those seeking to break free of old patterns, assume control of their lives, and develop their core selves can benefit greatly from Gestalt techniques.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT explores thoughts and actions that keep patients trapped in self-defeating patterns. The Cognitive Behaviovral Therapy at Lantern consists of a fixed number of sessions which normally range from eight to twenty; occasionally, a patient may require a lesser or greater number of sessions to receive the maximum benefits of this therapy. This is an action-oriented treatment, and patients are usually given assignments to complete between sessions. Over the course of the therapy, the patient learns to recognize and replace self-defeating thoughts and actions with more realistic and positive ones. This therapy is frequently used to treat anxiety disorders, certain mood disorders, and insomnia.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy is a structured form of therapy that works to create objective and measurable changes in the patient’s daily life. The therapy works by employing a system of reward for positive action, and much of the Behavior Therapy’s healing work is done directly by the patient outside of the therapy sessions. The goal of this therapy is to clear the environmental roadblocks that can prevent one from nurturing the life the heart’s deepest desires. The old refrain of, “someday, I will” is replaced by “today, I am”. In addition to helping many patients create a more satisfying life, this therapy is remarkably effective for those with developmental disorders who are not able to participate in therapies requiring a greater level of self-awareness.

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy focuses on the current relationships a patient has with family members, colleagues, and other persons in the patient’s circle. There are both short and long term forms of this therapy. In the short-term, the therapist and patient meet on a weekly basis for several months. IPT-M, the longer maintenance form of this therapy, involves monthly sessions over a period of two to three years. This therapy can work wonders by uncovering the interpersonal sources of emotional discontent which often initiate or exacerbate depressive episodes. Once an area of stress has been discovered, the therapist and patient then move toward identifying and expressing the underlying emotions surrounding the stressor.

Integrative Therapy

Individual therapies can offer highly effective treatment for certain specific illnesses. However, there is often a combination of mental illness and other factors, both mind and body centric, that affect an individual seeking treatment. Integrative Psychotherapy is used most often when a patient has several illnesses that are of pressing concern. This therapy uses an approach which combines various techniques from multiple therapeutic sources. Lantern is committed to offering our clients the most effective treatment available, and integrative techniques create a program suited to holistic treatment for each individual patient.

If you have been referred to Lantern by another health professional, or if you feel that either yourself or a loved one may benefit from one of the many therapeutic practices offered by Lantern, please contact us today for a free, noobligation and confidential assessment session with one of our intake specialists. Our specialists will then determine the most effective course of action for you to take.

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