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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Lantern Therapeutic Services, Inc.

The purpose of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to explore the mental and physical habits that keep clients trapped in a web of self-defeating patterns. A therapist can then assist the client in making gradual, realistic and measurable changes towards a more fulfilling life. Lantern’s CBT program consists of the number of sessions required for the client to receive the maximum benefits from therapy.

In the initial CTB session, the therapist and client will discuss the client’s treatment objectives. Once a clear goal is in mind, the next phase of treatment begins. Because of the action-oriented nature of this therapy, clients are usually given assignments, or “homework”, to complete on their own. Over the course of the therapy, the client learns to recognize and replace self-defeating thoughts and actions with more realistic and positive ones.

Lantern has been a primary source of CBT for residents of Maryland for many years. If this therapy has been suggested to you by a family doctor, or if you personally feel that either yourself of a loved one would benefit from Lantern’s CBT program, contact our clinic today to schedule a consultation with our intake specialists.